Allegrocom Home Medical Equipment For Safety

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For people who have had some health problems or are noticing some of the effects of aging, but want to keep their independence, home medical equipment could be exactly what is needed. Whether they are looking for items to make daily chores easier, devices that will keep them safer or items that will simply make them more comfortable, home medical equipment can suit their needs.

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Thanks to years of experience selling home medical equipment, our experts know exactly what people need and what works best. That has enabled Allegro to build up an impressive inventory that includes just about anything that could be needed.

Here are some of the most interesting pieces of home medical equipment that may be worth some consideration while shopping.

The Assist-A-Tray is an ergonomically designed device that can make it easier to stand or sit while using a laptop and television tray. It includes a utensil compartment and cup holder so that the user does not need to get up as often, and it is adjustable. It can provide a comfortable fit at varying heights and lengths, so that it is perfect for people of various heights and weights. It also pivots a full 360 degrees, so the tray can be angled in any direction.

Overhead Book Holder and Easel
This device makes it a lot easier to read in bed. It can be adjusted to different angles, so that the user can either sit up or lay down without having any trouble reading. It comes with a pair of elastic straps to hold everything in place, and it can also double as a bed table or lap tray. That versatility may mean that one fewer item needs to be purchased and stored, saving some time, space and money.

Toasty Toes Personal Heater
This is a deluxe footrest that keeps the users’ feet nice and warm. For those who struggle with their circulation, this is a great way to keep the toes and feet a bit warmer even if blood isn’t circulating as well as they might like.

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It has some very valuable features, such as staying within a temperature range that will never be too hot to the touch. It can be used at home or at work, and it is particularly energy efficient. It does not even use as much electricity as a light bulb.

Invacare Medical ID Bracelet
This is some home medical equipment that is particularly important for safety for the elderly. There is room for up to five lines of data, which can include medical conditions, emergency contact information or prescription information. That makes it really useful if there are emergency medical situations in which the wearer is unable to speak or communicate. Allergies to foods or drugs can also be included to prevent medical complications.

The bracelet arrives blank, along with a form to be filled out and sent on to the engraver. It then takes about two days to engrave the bracelet, after which it will be returned to the buyer.

Guardian Alert 911 System
This system comes without any service charges, monitoring fees or contracts and enables the user to speak directly to a 911 operator when needed. The patient or user wears a pendant that can communicate with the base station. That station plugs directly into the phone jack, so that 911 can be dialed in the case of an emergency. Acting like a cordless phone, the pendant will enable the wearer to speak directly to the 911 operator wherever he or she is. That means there is no issue with trying to find a phone or get to one in time.