Avoiding Incontinence Issues

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Of course nobody wants to have to deal with incontinence issues.  However, there are times in life when medical issues can be unavoidable.  Millions of people, both young and old, are forced to handle their incontinence problems on a daily basis.  This can be done through a combination of health regiments, life changes, and by using the right products.

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While it may be impossible to stop incontinence altogether, there are some health measures and changes that can be made to reduce the frequency of occurrences.  Quite simply, a healthier body is going to perform better, so doing the basics like eating better, exercising, getting enough rest, and just living an all-around healthy lifestyle will work wonders in helping to stop incontinence.

Diet and liquid intake are also crucial factors to consider.  Drinking diuretics like coffee, soda, and alcohol will go a long way in curbing incontinence.  These liquids cause more frequent urination, which will naturally lead to a higher chance of incontinence.  They also can irritate the bladder, which will make it less effective at holding liquids in.  Simply avoiding these beverages whenever possible is a simple way to reduce incontinence.

Another important thing to keep in mind that is often overlooked is to drink plenty of water.  While this may seem counterproductive, the reality of the matter is that water will keep the body hydrated and healthy, it will help to flush out toxins that could aggravate the bladder, and it will just keep things running smoother.  Dehydration can actually worsen incontinence, so it is important to make sure that plenty of water is put into the body.

In addition to these basic lifestyle changes, a person with incontinence problems will need to buy some incontinence products.  Bed pads are extremely handy and can be used to protect many other things besides just a mattress.  Pretty much anything that could possibly be damaged by urine can be covered in a bed pad to protect it.  There are washable bed pads that can be laundered just like clothing, or there are disposable bed pads that can be discarded after use.

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Disposable undergarments are an essential item to have around.  These can be worn under the clothing to make incontinence far less noticeable, as well as to protect the person’s clothing.  Today’s incontinence underwear is very discreet.  It will not make noises when the person wearing them walks, nor will it bunch of and show through the clothing.  Most of the time it is impossible to detect them.

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Although avoiding incontinence issues may be impossible at times, with these basic products it is possible for a person to avoid embarrassing and messy situations.  Taking these preemptive measures is an important step that will go a long way in helping to improve a person’s quality of life.