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Aromatherapy massage offers the recipient a relaxing experience that can relieve daily stress and muscle tension. Quality aromatherapy massage can enhance blood circulation to the touched area and soothe muscles. When performed correctly, it can enhance flexibility and offer a greater range of motion. To be effective, it is important to use professional grade massage therapy oils. Anyone can get Lotus Touch Oils at

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Proper aromatherapy massage techniques are known to dramatically reduce tension while easing muscles that are stressed. It can help eliminate migraine headaches, spasms and cramps, all while improving the body’s immune system. It is known to effectively stimulate the lymph system by releasing toxins stored in the muscles and surrounding tissue.

Essential Oils
Many massage therapists use a variety of essential oils because they are known to produce positive healing energy in the body during and after a massage session. Essential oils are chemical compounds that occur naturally. They can be harvested from a variety of botanicals through the distillation process. Many essential oils are classified as an ester. These include Roman chamomile and lavender that both offer anti-inflammatory and relaxing/sedating properties. These essential oils are available to the public and professionals. It is easy to get Lotus Touch Oils at

Using carrier oil, and mixing it with a variety of Lotus Touch Oils, can help promote total relaxation in the body while reducing levels of stress. It can also help to reduce pain and swelling, while enhancing the blood circulation of the body. Some of these essential oils even provide aphrodisiac properties that can help transform the mood of the recipient of the massage session.

Many professional massage therapists get Lotus Touch Oils at to provide holistic aromatherapy massage sessions. They use a variety of essential oils and cold-pressed nutritive carrier oils on their clients during massage sessions. Many of these essential oils have stress-relieving qualities that can relax the body and the mind while soothing the skin. Some of these essential oils are known for their high anti-inflammatory properties while others can increase blood circulation and reduce stiffness of sore muscles.

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Proper Glide
The consistency of essential oils and carrier oils are critical to providing the best massage. Massage therapists often recommend that their associates get Lotus Touch Oils at because of its proper glide capabilities. This is because massage oils that tend to be extremely light are too easy for the skin to absorb.

In essence, with the ability to be quickly absorbed by the skin, the oil provides minimal time for the gentle, long strokes that are required for most massages, including Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. When a massage therapist is providing deep tissue work, they generally want heavier touch oil that provides proper glide and just the right amount of friction, like Lotus Touch Oil.

The best touch oils, like those found at, have a long shelf life and will not turn rancid in a short amount of time. These natural components will not clog the client’s pores. In addition, because it is an emollient, it has the ability to condition and soften the skin, making it great for the client’s skin, along with the hands of the massage therapist.

Professional Grade Products
It is essential to get Lotus Touch Oils at to ensure that only professional grade products are being used when providing quality massage sessions. The client should not be short-changed by using inferior products. Using only professional-grade oils, like Lotus Touch Oils, the client will receive a professional massage every time.