Getting Incontinence Products Online At Is A Lifesaver

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When it comes to ordering incontinence products online at, not everything is created equal.  It’s an old joke that “size matters” and, while that fact is not often applied in certain medical situations, in the case of incontinency it may very well be true.  Human vanity, for all its fragility and misguided judgments, tends to rear its head even when ordering incontinency equipment.  It’s as if the patient is overcompensating for their perceived embarrassment at having to order at all and, therefore, taking some small amount of pleasure at being viewed as “better” in other areas.  That’s why purchasers of incontinence supplies tend to order diapers in smalls and catheters in large.  Yet those same small victories don’t do the patient a bit of good when their items arrive and are not up to the job or wholly unusable.  It’s so important to be honest.  The correct, most useful supplies will do the best work, make the patient the most comfortable, and get him/her back to being their normal self that much quicker.  That’s why it’s such a joy for consumers’ to be able to order their incontinence products online at


Most don’t know it but, in addition to coming in different sizes, some catheters are designed to be worn on the inside and some are designed to be worn on the outside.  That could make a real importance to the patient as far as reliability.  Some are also straight tipped while others are self-adhering, a closed system, or latex-free.  Chances are the average consumer doesn’t understand what any of that means but the staff at Allegro sure does.  Those chosen to help clients find and purchase incontinence products online at are specially trained, both when hired and on an ongoing basis, to be fully knowledgeable in all areas of product function so they can then pass that information on to customers and help them make thoughtful, reliable choices.


Anyone who has purchased infant diapers in the last decade knows that store shelves are full of brands, styles, colors and textures.  The same is true for adult diapers.  That’s because they are designed to do different things and handle different circumstances.  Some are, by necessity, very bulky.  Yet there is also a wide selection of products designed to be worn with everything from business suits, to shorts, and all garments in between.  Most don’t even look like traditional diapers at all and resemble nothing more than everyday undergarments with some slight additional padding here and there.  Like with other incontinence products online at, technology has long since moved past the point when simply stuffing a ton of fluff inside was the way to go and come up with very positive methods of absorbency, style and odor control that was mere science fiction even a few years ago.


No one ever wants to talk about it, yet cleanliness is essential for an incontinent person’s continued good health and comfort.  Ordering incontinence products online at also allows consumers to order a host of other things from disposable washcloths, to cleaning foam, to protective ointment and creams.  Most are also available in smaller sizes that allow them to be carried discretely by the consumer when out in public or other functions.  Once again, being able to purchase incontinence products online at comes to the rescue by providing patients with the products they need to resume their lives and their commitments without sacrificing privacy or even a moment of the fun.

Studies show that incontinence continues to be a sore subject with American adults.  To the point where, when quizzed, most felt that they would have an easier time saying the word “cancer” than “incontinent” when discussing a health diagnosis.  However, it’s not their fault.  Society has placed an inordinate amount of pressure on us regarding the controlling of natural waste elimination.  Teachers and parents across the country continually refer to being a “big boy/girl” and not soiling our pants and many children are punished when they do so as it’s viewed as something wholly controllable even at an early age.  Nothing is farther from the truth and now, with incontinence products online at, it also doesn’t have to be a problem.

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