Life after Weight Loss Surgery

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Bringing down your BMI from 40 to a range 25 to 30 is not a joke. Once you reach your normal weight, you are perfectly healthy and no more obese. It not only changes your appearance, but also changes your lifestyle completely. Hence, before undergoing a weight loss surgery, you must understand what changes are going to take place in your life after the surgery and prepare yourself for the same. The most drastic change that will take place in your lifestyle will be with regards to your eating habits. Before, you used to eat and drink whenever and whatever you want, but after the weight loss surgery, things will not be the same.

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You should eat only when you feel hungry and not when the clock tells you. After the weight loss surgery, your stomach will be as small as the size of a walnut, and hence, you need to listen to your stomach carefully. You should stop eating when you feel that your stomach is full or else you will feel discomfort. Before you must have been a faster eater, who finishes the meal in 5 minutes but now you need to take at least thirty to forty five minutes to finish your meal. You need to chew your food very slowly to a puree form so that it can be digested easily and your brain gets enough time to give signals to your stomach that you are full. If you still continue to eat, it will not only force your stomach to expand, but also cause complications to the area where surgery was done.

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After the weight loss surgery, you will not be able to consume three heavy meals a day like before, as your stomach gets full with a very small portion of food. Hence, it is advisable to consume smaller meals throughout the day which makes it easier for your stomach to absorb the food. This also helps to maintain your blood sugar level. It is good to drink at least eight glasses of water a day as it prevents your body from dehydration. You need to get enough minerals and vitamins for health, energy and strength from the food you eat. But if you drink water immediately before, after or during your meals, it will take up the space needed for such nutritious foods. However, you can sip the liquids throughout the day to keep you hydrated.

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Ask your surgeon for a proper diet and do frequent follow up visits at least for a period one year. If you feel any discomfort or irritation, you should immediately inform your doctor as there may be some need for a change in your diet.

Follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain the results of your weight loss surgery!