More On Pregnancy Supplement To Avoid

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Everyone knows that vitamins and supplements are needed for pregnant women to be able to stay healthy and keep their baby healthy during their term. The problem is that since it is so well known that women need this there is a growing number of different pregnancy supplements that can be gotten and not all of them are a good idea.

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For example many people are getting into the herbal options for things, and while sometimes these can be a good idea they are not always a good idea, for example there are some of these can actually harm the baby.

For example there are some herbal supplements that contain things like quinine; this is not something that should be used during pregnancy. If you take a pregnancy supplement that has this in it then when the child is born there is a good chance they will go through what is consider withdrawal symptoms. The baby might shows signs of something like a nervous quiver for a few months and then hopefully this will start to fade away.


Ginseng is something else that many people see as a good thing and it does help with a lot but one thing that it doesn’t help is a newborn baby. If you are looking to any pregnancy supplement it’s very important that you look to see if anything that comes from the ginseng plant is in it, if it is try to avoid it. It is believed that taking anything that has any form of ginseng can cause abnormalities in the fetus and could lead to longstanding problems in the future.

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Herbal supplements are a great thing for people to take, but many of the ingredients that are found in them can harm babies and should not be taken as a pregnancy supplement. Instead it’s best to consult with a doctor and ask them to try and give you advice on what you should take and if have any ideas where you can get it. Most of the time doctors will give people ideas of what they need to take and make sure that they know where to get it, or sometimes can get it from the doctor themselves.


The health of the woman and the baby are two things that need to be considered and in order to make sure that both are safe knowing everything you can about what you are taking in the key. You can get a lot of knowledge from medical books and from doctors and there are plenty of these at the disposal of any mother to be, there is no reason that they should not be utilized to the best of their ability.