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When it comes to chiropractic equipment and supplies, is a cut above the rest. With products ranging from common office supplies to advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment, this company has just about everything a successful chiropractor might need. The website itself is very customer friendly and easy to use. Consumers can simply browse the large selection of products, which are separated into convenient categories, adding items to their “cart” as they go along. Once they have finished their shopping, it is as easy as checking out at the grocery store; enter a valid form of payment, and the order will be shipped to the provided address in just a few business days.

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The Largest Selection of Equipment and Supplies

Not only is this website essentially foolproof, but it also has another advantage over its competitors. This company has an extremely wide variety of items that are both high quality and affordable; their motto is “We Will Not Be Undersold!” With a little bit of research, it is plain to see that this company upholds their promise to customers by ensuring the lowest prices on the web. sells the NRG rolling stool with removable backrest in black for $99.95, whereas provides the same exact product for only $72.99.

Choice Matters

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This top-notch company also provides their customers with a choice. There are many customizable options for their products, such as color and size. Most other businesses do not accommodate the consumer in this way, making the number one choice for many doctors. In fact, one can find a vast array of product reviews by real doctors on the Scrip Hessco website. In one such review of the aforementioned NRG rolling stool, a man by the name of Dr. Vince wrote, “[It has a] nice, soft seat, much greater telescoping for a variety of height options, including significantly higher than most standard stools will go. The backrest is stable and provides good support.” Along with many other positive opinions, Dr. Vince’s statement provides customers with reassurance and confidence that purchasing from is the right choice.

Quality and Quantity

However, if the low prices and wide selection of products is not enough to convince one that this company is the way to go, then the high quality of their equipment will most definitely act as that final nail in the coffin. The products sold on their website are not only affordable, but they are also some of the best brands available. Three of the top-selling chiropractic brands in the nation include Lloyd, Zenith, and Chattanooga, all of which are sold by Scrip Hessco. These brands are trusted by doctors everywhere and are made of materials that are guaranteed to “last many times longer than other materials,” according to the company itself. This equipment will outlast most other brands by several years while still averaging about twenty dollars less than competitor prices. By providing the lowest prices, largest product selection, and best quality items available for online purchase, is a classic triple threat in the chiropractic supply business and the number one choice of doctors nationwide.