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Help Your Child Cope With Nursemaid’s Elbow

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With nursemaid’s elbow, the end of one of the bones in the forearm (the radius) moves out of its usual position in the elbow. The head of the radius is normally held in place by a piece of tis­sue called the annular ligament When a toddler is pulled by the wrists and hands, the trajectory of the force pulls the annular ligament over the head of the radius and into the joint space, causing nursemaid’s elbow.

This can happen when you are trying to help your child stand, when you grab her hand to cross the street, when you try to prevent a fall, or when you play games involving lifting and swinging.


If your child has nursemaid’s elbow, she will hold her arm in a very specific position: slightly bent at the elbow, hanging by her side, palm facing her belly. She will refuse to use that arm, even to reach out for her favorite food or toy. If she tries to use it, she will probably cry or wince in pain.

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