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Understanding Green Runny Nose And Sinusitis In Toddlers

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Toddlers always seem to have runny noses. So when do you need to worry about it? When it is draining clear? Or yellow? Or green? When it has been dripping for a week? A month?


A clear runny nose is commonplace for a toddler. It may repre­sent teething or allergies, or it may just come out of the blue. Most parents — and certainly most pediatricians — don’t pay much attention to a clear runny nose unless it has persisted for many weeks or is associated with other symptoms.


But when that clear runny nose turns yellow and then green, there tends to be more concern. A yellow discharge can mean just about anything from a mild viral infection to some irritation in the nose. Yellow usually does not indicate a serious or a bacterial infection.

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Effects Of Iron During Pregnancy

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Iron forms part of the red blood pigment, haemoglobin, which carries oxygen around both your body and that of your baby. It is also involved in the production of energy and in immunity.

Women suffering from iron deficiency in pregnancy are much more likely to develop Candida (thrush) infections, for example. You need more iron during pregnancy as your total blood volume increases by around a third.

A common symptom of lack of iron during pregnancy is a craving for strange foods such as soil or coal; this is known as pica. If it happens to you during pregnancy, start taking a supplement containing iron immediately—ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice on dosage.

Your doctor may also want to perform a blood test to check your iron stores as iron deficiency increases the risk of poor fetal growth and low birth weight.

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