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Gentle Solution For Thumb Sucking Habit In Children

Gentle Solution For Thumb Sucking Habit In Children 5.00/5 (100.00%) 14 votes

Pacifiers and bottles: First, take a deep breath and realize that this habit may stop on its own. If you want to be proactive, often the easiest way to minimize sucking is simply to restrict access.

Limit­ing the pacifier to the crib or bed is one way to cut down on its. If your child asks for it, tell her she needs to be in her bed when she uses it. Some toddlers will ask to go to their beds in order to have a little time with their pacifiers.

To cut down on bottle use, slowly scale back until you are giv­ing only one bottle per day. Make this the bottle that your child is most attached to — usually the one that she drinks from early in the morning or before bed at night. Let her know that she can have milk out of a bottle during that one time, but the rest of the day she must drink it out of a cup.

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Remove Foreign Body From Child’s Nose

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A foreign body is anything not organic to the human body: a toy, a piece of wadded-up newspaper, or a bead. Even something technically organic, such as a pea, is considered a foreign body since it’s not supposed to be lodged in the nose.


Toddlers put all sorts of things up their noses. Even if your child does not seem bothered, these objects can eventually cause problems and must be removed.

Sometimes objects end up in the nose accidentally. For instance, an object can become lodged in the nose after a fall.


Objects can also wind up in the nose thanks to friends or sib­lings. As a result, the answer to the question “Did you put some­thing up your nose?” may be a truthful “No,” even though an object is stuck in there.

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